Thursday, April 18, 2013


Prosciutto egg cups with veggies and guac...sweet potato with ghee

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you know I've started a new food adventure called the Whole 30 Challenge (check it out here and maybe you'll join in).  I originally heard about it from my friend Carrie who embarked on her own Whole 30 journey recently.  I was so inspired by her results that I did my homework, read the book, and set a start day for the day after I returned from my field training (more about that in a minute). 

Some may be wondering why I've strayed from my vegan adventures into a clearly Paleo way of eating...the answer is simple.  I went vegan as an experiment...could I improve my numbers (blood counts, lipids, etc) with diet alone.  I did.  Everything looked better one year later.  Now I'm experimenting again...can I have the same numbers or maybe even better ones while following a Paleo diet?  I'm using my body as the ultimate guinea there is another aspect.  For years I've struggled with horrible IBS and general GI issues.  I've been poked, prodded, and scoped with only minimal answers and prescriptions I refuse to take.  Gluten free eating has thus far been the BEST thing I've done for my body...but I still suffer on a daily basis.  Even while strictly vegan I was still miserable quite often.  The Whole 30 diet, however, makes some pretty great claims in regards to helping with inflammatory GI issues (essentially IBS is a problem of inflammation with no known cause).  So there we are...a new culinary adventure...and hopefully a cure to what ails me...we shall see.

So there is the back to the fun.  I'm on Day 4 now and I'm feeling awesome!  I have yet to experience the "hangover" that they claim may occur.  I'm attributing that mostly to the fact that I don't eat that horribly anyway...but we'll hangover may be coming.  Yesterday I hit up my fav indulgence Whole Paycheck (aka Whole Foods Market). 

I coordinated myself as well as I could considering I was status post noc shift...and spent way too much money on beautiful veggies, fruits, and fresh meats (I actually bought from the deli and butcher counters and I NEVER do that!).  I then caught a quick nap and woke to start some serious cooking (which I will be continuing today).  I started with Paleo chili...followed up with roasting some yams, beets, and brussel sprouts.  I made some prosciutto cups as well for quick breakfasts (see cover picture).

Today will be grilling chicken, boiling eggs, pulled pork, thai beef stew, and fajitas...all before work tonight.  But hey, the rest of my week will be so much easier!!

As for the above mentioned time in the field, I spent the last time up at Camp Pendleton at the Naval Expeditionary Medical Training Institute (NEMTI) at an exercise called Coiled Viper.  I spent the week learning field medicine skills with other nurses, doctors, and corpsman.  I skipped the Trauma Nurse Core Course (since mine certification is current) and opted to take the Tactical Combat Casualty Course with the corpsman.  It's not required for officer's but I'm so glad I took was entertaining and I learned so much as well as getting to teach some clinical skills.  I also let someone put a nasal airway in me as well as a few IV's...took one for the team I guess!  Anyway, the pics say it all...I had a blast and truly love my other job as a Navy Reserve RN. 

Until later...time to nap.



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