Thursday, May 23, 2013

Whole 30...the Verdict

I think that may be all I need to abs haven't looked like this since before I had kids...and after 30 days doing the Whole 30 plan they do.  Nuff said.

Ok, ok...I'll give you more insight then that.  But really...I'm shocked by how amazing I feel.  Oh...and a little more info...I didn't lose a single pound.  Seriously.  Started the challenge at 135 lbs...ended the same weight.  Clearly I'm at the perfect weight for me.

But honestly I never started this for the weight loss benefits or the ab enhancing powers (though that's a bonus).  I started it to try and cure my multiple GI issues and to #feedthemachine that I have to become when training hardcore for a big triathlon (half ironman #2 on July 27, 2014).  Did I get the results I was after?  ABSOLUTELY!

I have more energy, I am more clear headed, GI distress if virtually gone, skin is clearer, clothes fit better, I sleep more soundly, I recover really fast, soreness from training doesn't last, I'm able to push harder and longer during training then I ever was, I don't have cravings, and I get to eat like a teenage boy without caring about calories at all! 

So there you results in a nutshell...but to give you some more love I'll even throw in some pics of the food I've been living on (but you can follow all of them on my Instagram at identityundecided).  And for those who ask I either make up my recipes entirely (sorry not helpful I know), get them off Pinterest (find me and follow my boards labeled Whole 30 or Cavegirl Eats and Treats), or I get the ideas from the multiple books I've bought including "It Starts with Food", "Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook", "Practical Paleo", and "Well Fed".


Needless to say I'm staying paleo...there is no question right now that this way of eating agrees with me...and with the crazy training coach mom (literally my mom is my coach...she is USAT certified and clearly knows me better then anyone) has thrown at me now it's the only way to fuel what I'm asking of my body everyday.  I'm healthy, I'm happy, and I'm ready to crush this race in July.  I have some big goals, big dreams, and since I've been there before I know exactly what to expect and what times I have to's go time.

So that's all for's dinnertime and I'm hungry (chicken curry in the crock pot is on the menu for tonight and I think I'm salivating from the smell in this house!).  Follow me to see what I cook up next or to see how I do at Barb's Race...until then...