Thursday, April 4, 2013

I've had an EPIPHANY!!

No, not only that...

But that I'm really horrible at continuous blogging...

I get really great for a stretch...and then I fall off the wagon....

And I don't just take a small break...I go a loooonnnngggg time!

The last update was pre Hawaiian vacation aka Ironman Kona!!  That was Oct's now April much life lived since then.  So here is my feeble attempt to catch up and get on a better foot.  But with some adjustments, revelations and confessions. 

I'm not ever going to be a great blogger...I have 3 jobs, 2 kids, and a crazy life.  But I will continue to try my best...but my best may not be extremely regular.  I love to cook, I love to eat, I love to swim/bike/run, I love my job as a nurse.  I want to blog about it all...not in an effort to be all "I love me" about it but an effort to possibly help others in any and all of those areas...and in a effort to process my life on "paper" if you will.  I've always loved to write and it's like small version of therapy.  If you want to read, read...if you don't I won't even know anyway :)

So here it is...a catch up more in pictures than in words...because it's been a beautiful ride so far and I'm excited for what the future holds...

First...HAWAII!!  We spent 2 blissful weeks on the Big Island...swimming, running, snorkeling, tanning, exploring...and most importantly being present for the greatest triathlon around...the Ironman World Championships in Kona.  It.  Was.  Epic.

Kids and I after a hard morning of snorkeling

Kiddos rocking the Wattie Ink W after the Underpants Run

Pre Ironman Med Tent

Holy Big Honu

Hard to top a Kona sunset

Family luau
Next up in the land of big updates is all the amazing work I've been privileged to do as a flight's an opportunity I never imagined I'd have but I've been sooooooo blessed to do it!  I've gone (I'm sure I'm missing some and these are in no particular order) to Palm Springs, Blythe, Seattle, Las Vegas, Anchorage, Adak, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Vancouver, Edmonton, Wisconsin, Denver, Cold Bay, and I'm sure a few more...some were for a moment...others were at least overnight...and it's been the experience of a lifetime.  I'm so excited to see where else this job takes me...but here are some pics along the way...
Outside Edmonton in mighty chilly weather!
Trying to look over the pilot's shoulders at Mt. Rainier
Even the training is cool!
The last big update comes courtesy of the Navy.  I've been privileged to already have some amazing experiences in my career in the Nurse Corps.  The best to date was my two weeks spent in "boot camp" also known as Direct Commission Officer Indoctrination Course in Newport, Rhode Island.  It was truly a life changing experience and I could never hope to sum it up in some pictures will have to do...
With my amazing, fabulous roommate, Mikel.
Our one day of freedom after being snowed in by Nemo (the affectionate name the locals gave the blizzard that hit us hard!).
With the roomie again and my local SD girl Stephanie
My room for 2 weeks...pretty plush, huh?
Shoveling snow is oh so fun!
 I had to try....
So anyway, there it all is...a massive update in a small way.
Here's what's coming up....
First I leave Saturday (in 2 days) for 9 days of field training with the Marines to do some expeditionary field medicine....should be quite an experience to say the least.
Then once home it's onto another challenge...the Whole 30 challenge that you can read up on here...wanna join in on the fun?  I'm staring April 15th along with a few other friends who want to improve their health too...the more the merrier!  And yes, I know it's not vegan...but if you'll refer back here you see that I have only ever tweaked my diet for health reasons...and this is yet another step along the way of using myself as a guinea's science, right?? 
Lastly on tap for me is my return back to long course racing...I've registered once again for Barb's race...I've tried it once before and I aim to try it again...and do it bigger and out...
I think that's about all I can cram in one blog post since I'm getting slightly crossed eyed...hope I didn't bore you to pieces and I swear to be a bit better at this, even if it's only a mobile update!  Until then...