About Me

Hi!  I'm Jackie...or Jax.  I'm a 30 year old Navy wife
 Mom of 2 crazy kiddos

Full time ICU nurse (and now a flight nurse and Naval Reserve Nurse Corps officer)


Aspiring foodie

Wino from way back (raised in wine country)

Gluten free crazy lady with a penchant for following my gut (literally) on the constant search for health and happiness food nirvana.  Wow...that's a lot of stuff...sounds like I have no time for anything, right?  Well you would be correct. 

But I have a new found passion for cooking up great eats that I can enjoy and that will fuel through my next workout, night shift, carpool, etc.  It's an extra bonus if my kiddos eat and like my creations as well (totally the ultimate goal).  Join me along the way to wonderful food and probably fantastic failures too...

Welcome to my homey little corner of cyberspace :)

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