Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dream a little dream (or a big one)

When you have big dreams, what is required to reach them?

I know this is a very personal question in that each person's answer would be slightly different...depending on the person...depending on the dream.

I have many dreams...

Trust me...some of them are scary.

I feel the need to put them out that you, my friends and family, can hold me accountable.  Now these are currently only my athletically minded type dreams...there are many others, but that's fodder for another day and another post.  So here we go...

- To place top ten in my age group at Barb's Race this July (half ironman race)
- If I'm dreaming a bit bigger I'll say top 5
- If I'm going all out and dreaming I'll say I want to stand on that podium...
- To run a PR half marathon on the end of that race (my half marathon current PR is 1:49)
- To run a sub 6 min/mile by the end of the year (PR is currently 6:19)
- To get a score of Outstanding on my October PRT for the Navy (currently at Excellent)
- To be able to do 10 unassisted pull ups in a row (not actually sure how many I can do now)
- To finish a 50K ultramarathon in October

I think that about covers most of it.

So what will it take for ME to get there?

Hard work, perseverance, patience, dedication, determination...and whole lot of time spent suffering.  Thankfully I don't mind the suffering if it's for a good cause.  In fact, it's what I've been doing lately...

That's about it for today...time to head out to track and chip away at those goals...

What are your goals?  How do you plan to reach them?  Do they scare you?....



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