Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What happens in the off season...or is that Vegas??

Wow...I'm officially a lazy blogger...I didn't even bother with a race report from my last tri! And that was a great one too! Instead I've been living up the "off season" and pretending to run in Vegas. But to summarize my last tri...it freaking rocked! I did U.S. Women's Triathlon in October and came in 3rd in my age group. I figured out about a week prior to the race that since the race was USAT and it was after September, if I placed in the top 10% of my age group then I would qualify for USAT Age Group Nationals in Vermont in August 2011...so that was my goal...and I can now say...mission accomplished! I'll be traveling to Vermont in August next year to compete against crazy age groupers for a chance to go to USAT World's in 2012...here's hoping!

The next adventure was to try to get back into running shape for Las Vegas RNR half marathon. I initially wanted to run a 1:39 to 1:45...to beat my current half PR of 1:49...BUUUUTTT as the "off season" went on my desire for candy, treats, and all things bad increased and my will to run fast decreased...but onward I went. My husband, Mike, would also be running this as his first half marathon. It was going to be quite a race!

We headed up to Vegas a few days before the race since Mike had never been there (I know! Can you believe that?!)...and began to live it up Vegas style. Now I didn't get crazy and drink a ton (actually nothing till after the race)...but my gluten free diet was severely compromised and I'm pretty sure I was second-hand smoking roughly a pack a day. Come race morning I thought that maybe I could hold on to the 7:45-8:00 min/mile I would need to achieve my goal...but I wasn't entirely sure. I had had a great few runs prior to heading out to Vegas and was thinking that maybe my internal motivation would kick in and bring me home...but alas...this was not to be. By mile 5 my heart rate was already in the mid 170's. Now this by itself is not a cause for concern for me usually...I hit 170's when I'm on goal pace no problem...but I was way off goal pace...I was struggling for the 8:45's I was getting...and at that moment I knew there was no PR to be had that day...and I strangely was entirely ok with it. At mile 6 another runner came up beside me and kept pace...I looked over and was overjoyed to see Mike running next to me. He could tell I was hurting and told me he wanted to finish his first race with me...I wanted to cry. He was feeling great and could easily have left my *ss...but love won over competitiveness and he hung around (minus a few reminders from me to slow the F down!). We finished together...I was just grateful to be done...and he was super stoked...in fact now he is seriously contemplating doing a full marathon...oh crap...what did I start?! But we finished out our time in Vegas with a show for the kids (Tournament of Kings), a large Pina Colada for me, and a nap for all...it was a great weekend overall. I was especially blessed to share it with my extended tri family and also a great group from Rehab United (I'm totally biased since my coach, Bryan Hill, is the co-owner of this amazing establishment).
But now I'm home and reality has hit that I have another half marathon less then 6 weeks away (Carlsbad)...and I would like to do well there! And only a few short weeks later I will be attempting my first century ride followed stupidly the next morning by another half marathon...which I am told I will run sub 1:40...sure thing Bry! ;) So it is back to the grindstone...diet on, workouts on...only some rest and crappy food...I know it's the holidays...but tri season is just around the corner and I have a lot of crushing to do next season (in my head at least)...so onward I go into this crazy lifestyle I have so whole-heartedly embraced.
Until next time...thanks for reading...see you out there!


  1. hey what happened to pacing me at palm springs? :(

  2. Congrats to you and Mike! I can feel the love all the way over here <3